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I hadn’t heard Broken Social Scene before tonight. Having recently been informed that the band is comprised, in part, of Do Make Say Think and A Silver Mt. Zion members, the power of Canada compelled me to have my first listen in a live setting. This was such a good idea. As all three bands on the bill (including Jason Collett and Metric) are involved in the same Toronto collective, the stage had a revolving door throughout the night, and a number of performers were involved in more than one set, appearing as needed. The ever-morphing creature onstage played soaring, cacophonous pop music, often a more accessible and concise take on the brooding experimentation that has come to characterize Montreal’s political-post-rock-collective scene. The chemistry commensurate with a collective of this size, as well as the tremendous joy it obviously receives from performing, made this show special beyond the mere music (which was exceptional to begin with), and I’m thrilled to have been able to witness it.

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