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Getting back into the swing of live music (again) with the greatest band in the world.

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Not in the upper echelon of the many Low shows I’ve been to, mainly because I’m somewhat underwhelmed by the new record, Hey What, which I think they played in its entirety. And the rest of the setlist was a bit too familiar, made up mostly of songs they play at pretty much every show these days. Some are classics I’m always game to hear (“Sunflower”) and others not as much (“Monkey,” “Plastic Cup,” “No Comprende”). But especially after staying home the last few months during the latest Covid wave, even the lesser songs are a very welcome sound, and it’s not like a Low show is capable of being a waste of time, which I guess is why I keep coming back. But they have such a rich and deep catalog, which they mined thoroughly during their lockdown livestreams, and I hope they’ll consider dipping into it more liberally on future tours.