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On Sunday night I confirmed the Eagles’ loss before leaving for the show, securing a drive unobstructed by face-painted merrymakers overturning cars in anticipation of the Super Bowl. Today Is The Day made a whole bunch of scary noise that was way better live than it is on their records, at least the later ones. The microphone was halfway down Steve Austin’s throat for the duration of their set. High On Fire was likewise impressive; the surprise this time was that they’re only a three-piece. That’s a lot of power for a three-piece. As for The Dillinger Escape Plan, I’ve never seen them put on anything short of an awe-inspiring show, and this one was no exception. Relatively new singer Greg Puciato handled the new Dillinger/Patton songs well and went on to joke that the next album would feature Sebastian Bach (wow, two posts in a row with Skid Row references!).

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