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Great show last night at the Balcony.

Thoughtstreams kicked off the show around 10:00. I’d heard of them before (mostly from them playing shows with Dysrhythmia), but this was the first time I’d seen them. Impressive. Very technical, jazzy avant-metal, kind of reminiscent of Cynic, but less focused. I have to appreciate the genre parody of such song titles as “To Devour Ovaries.”

Up next was Technician, who I’ve been digging on for several months now, but hadn’t seen before this show. Now that I’ve seen how their music translates live, I don’t plan to miss any more of their local shows, and I picked up both their discs for total of ten bucks.

Oxes headlined and put on a very entertaining show as only they can: wireless, and all the bar was a stage. How they manage to stay so tight while 2/3 of the band are mobile for most of the show (walking on the bar, strolling around in the bathroom, etc.), I’ll never know. I can’t stress enough what a fun time their shows are. Go see them now.

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