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I bought two tickets to this show during June’s post-vax frenzy of we’re-back-baby optimism. I actually thought someone would go to the show with me! I was so young. Not only were there no takers, I ultimately didn’t even want to go myself. I listened to some Idles records today in advance of the show and came to the sad realization that I’m just not that into this band. But couch inertia has cost me too many shows, and Idles is supposed to be a pretty terrific live band, so I dragged myself out of the house and got to the Fillmore a few minutes after they took the stage. Aaaand I left about 30 minutes later. Oh well.

After a 19-month live music drought, I’ve been to four shows now, and I’ve left all of them early, two by choice. Out of all the bands in play, the one I most wanted to see is the one I saw the least. Not quite the triumphant return I was hoping for.