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Ghost’s set was largely unchanged from the one I saw last year—and I enjoyed it just as much a second time—so I won’t describe it again. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t make a note of how impressive Amon Amarth’s stage production was, especially for an opening band. The stage was bookended by three-story Viking statues. The drum riser sat atop a massive Viking helmet encasing video screens projecting eyes, fire, lightning, and more. The performance was periodically embellished by a pair of what I can only describe as Viking go-go dancers, who rhythmically thrust their swords and shields at the audience and each other. The light show was perfectly on point throughout. And for the finale, the Viking statues receded to make way for a giant sea serpent, who the singer battled with a huge Mjölnir. I think it’s safe to say these dudes are into Vikings. Anyway, it was an epic level of heavy metal theatricality that was commonplace in the ’80s but is sadly rare today, so I salute Amon Amarth for their anachronistic commitment to the bit.