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I like Uranium Club so very much, and I was fully prepared to travel to see them (after I learned to speak the incantation that makes their sporadic, unadvertised tour dates appear momentarily in hexadecimal at the bottom of a beer bottle), but then they just showed up in my backyard.

I hadn’t been to Brooklyn Bazaar before, so I wasn’t quite prepared for its ballroom’s 250 capacity, which held about triple the amount of people I expected to be there. Uranium Club excels at flying under the radar, and I’ve never met another fan that I hadn’t indoctrinated myself, and that was apparently all the anecdotal evidence I needed to assume this show would be sparsely attended. I was very wrong, and to drive the point home, pretty much everyone brought their dancing shoes, giving the band’s twitchy grooves precisely the enthusiastic response they deserve.

Uranium Club was, as expected, tight as a nut, and they regarded the audience with an endearingly detached sarcasm. The guitar interplay is even more satisfying live than on record, and I’m fascinated by how the drummer does all of his work below the elbows. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough of it; their set was 45 minutes long at most. But I’ll take it!

Uranium Club

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